Power BI Icon Library – now includes official icons to use in Draw.io / Diagrams.net

How cool would it be to sketch your architecture designs for Power BI directly with the icons related to the product? It makes it a lot easier to handover the solution design to others who can then build the solution. Besides that, it also looks super fancy!

I am happy to say that as off today, we can use the official Microsoft Power BI icons in Draw.io / Diagrams.net!

In September 2020, I published a blog about Power BI icons and how you can use them inside Draw.io / Diagrams.net. Back then, I created many icons myself which was a lot of effort. Though, I have to say, the blog post as well as the GitHub repository has been a success! Many folks used the Diagrams.net library or forked my GitHub repository for their own use. Thanks all for your enthusiasm and feedback! Much appreciated!

In collaboration with Jeroen ter Heerdt, Senior Program Manager in the Power BI team, we merged my old repository with an official Microsoft repository for icons to get a complete set! This resulted in the new complete set including all official icons which are ready to use for you right now!

As many of my own (re-)build icons are now replaced with official icons, you can build much better and more trustworthy solution designs. Take benefit of it by using the link below and directly open the library in Diagrams.net.

QUICK LINK: To directly open Diagrams.net with the appropriate library loaded, you can use this link

There are still a few icons missing, which we will look up and add later. Both Jeroen and I will try to keep the repository up to date. Nevertheless, if you are missing an icon or have suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. We are more than happy to add more!

It is now up to you to start using it, have fun!

2 thoughts on “Power BI Icon Library – now includes official icons to use in Draw.io / Diagrams.net

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