About me

Hey you! Let me introduce myself…

I am Marc Lelijveld born in the 1995. Since I was born I am living in the Netherlands. Data and numbers are both a big part of my passion and where I am spending my free time on. I simply like to show the facts in a visual way. Beside that you can find me on my roadbike or mountainbike.

My interest in data & analytics started early. As a student, I collected a lot of data about my bike rides, cars and lots of other stuff. During my education in Business IT & Management, I learned a lot about what was called Business Intelligence.

I finished my education at the company where I also started my first job as a Business Intelligence Consultant, at Centric Netherlands. There I developed my skills in Microsoft technology which resulted in an thesis about the Azure IoT suite.
After finishing my education and gaining some working experience, I switched jobs to be more focused on Microsoft technology in data & analytics.

Nowadays I am a Data & Analytics consultant with a specialization in Power BI at Macaw Netherlands. On daily bases I am working on project bases for the bigger international companies.

Copenhagen 4What I like the most? Sharing my thoughts and enthusiasm about Power BI and related Microsoft Product. I mostly do this in public speaking at conferences and meetups all around the world, presentations at customers and end-user training.

Want to get in contact? You can find me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or fill in the contact form.