About me

Hey you! Let me introduce myself…

I am Marc Lelijveld born in the 1995. Since I was born I am living in the Netherlands. Data and numbers are both a big part of my passion and where I am spending my free time on. I simply like to show the facts in a visual way. Beside that you can find me on my roadbike or mountainbike.

My interest in data & analytics started early. As a student, I collected a lot of data about my bike rides, cars and lots of other stuff. During my education in Business IT & Management, I learned a lot about what was called Business Intelligence.

Nowadays we go way beyond Business Intelligence. We can better describe it as business analytics, because it all starts at the business process to be completely clear before we can add intelligence to it.

I finished my education at the company where I also started my first job as a Business Intelligence Consultant, at Centric Netherlands. There I developed my skills in Microsoft technology which resulted in an thesis about the Azure IoT suite.
After finishing my education and gaining some working experience, I switched jobs to be more focused on Microsoft technology in data & analytics.

Nowadays I am a professional Data & Analytics consultant with a specialization in Power BI at Macaw Netherlands. On daily bases I am working on project bases for the bigger international companies.

Copenhagen 4What I like the most? Sharing my thoughts and enthusiasm about Power BI and related Microsoft Product. I mostly do this in public speaking for the Dutch Power BI user group, presentations at customers and end-user training. But wouldn’t it be great to cross borders and also share my thoughts and experience outside the Netherlands?

Want to get in contact? You can find me on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn or fill in the contact form.