Move from single to a multi-file strategy

In some cases, you might want to split your report and data model into separate Power BI Desktop files. For example, to work in together on the same content or create multiple reports based on the same dataset. There can be many reasons to do this. But once you started building everything one file, you don’t want to do a lot of rework to split it up. What to do to avoid rework and split it up?

Embed your Power BI Content!

Microsoft rolled out a new embedding feature for Power BI content. Next to the already known features as Embed in SharePoint Online, Publish to Web and Power BI Embedded, there is a new feature available now! Power BI Secure Embedding allows you to embed your content to client applications or sites while maintaining all security in your reports. In this blog I will write down a short summary of all available embed features available in Power BI.