Webinar recap & blog series: Storytelling & interactive reporting with Power BI

Tuesday July 16 2019, I presented my webinar Storytelling and interactive reporting with Power BI bookmarks and drillthough as part of the webinar series “Best of Power Platform Summit.” My first webinar ever, which was a fun, but weird experience at the same time. Talking to a screen without any response is a way different experience than having interaction with the audience. Above all, I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

Storytelling and Interactive Reporting

One of the questions which was asked a lot after the webinar, is if I could share all demos. Of course I’m happy to share all the demos, but not all of them are build my self. The original authors of this content definitely deserve the credits for their work!

During the summer I will post a blog each week, with the first one on thursday! In this blogs I will elaborate on each of the seven topics below. All of these topics will describe a way of working and/or a feature in Power BI that helps you to apply storytelling to your own reports.

The list above will be updated after every blog post to provide you with the links to each topic. So keep an eye out for everything what has to come! 

Can’t wait two weeks before all the blogs are online? Of course you can also take a look at the recordings of my webinar here. In order to get access, you need a Power BI usergroup account, which you can create for free.



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