Nomination as Dutch IT Talent – vote for me!

This time a slightly different post. Not Power BI or Microsoft related. Though I would like to ask you to read on cause I need your help! I’m proud to announce that I’m nominated as Dutch IT Talent of the year 2022 by Computable. Cause with only the nomination I’m not there yet. Now, I have time to collect votes till September 11th in order to win this award, but obviously there is some tough competition!

Computable Magazine is an independent editorial magazine about ICT, specifically aimed at ICT managers and ICT decision makers. Each edition specific themes are highlighted in a special section, supported by surveys, in-depth articles, expert interviews, case studies and opinion pieces.
From JBIT Media

I’m already really proud to tell that I’m amount 9 others selected by the committee of experts. All of us come from a different background, with different influences in the community and IT in general. The committee scored all of us on change, effect, uniqueness and future potential. A total of 100 points can be collected on these topics which together will be 50% of the end result. The second 50% has to come from public votes.

In order to win the award I need to collect votes and that’s where I would like to ask for your help! You can help me by voting using the links below.

Also, I recorded a short video about my nomination.

Short video about my nomination as Dutch IT Talent of the year 2022

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