Resources and recap of SQL Bits

Last week, I had the pleasure to meet up with the amazing community again in London at SQL Bits. As very first thing, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to those who were in the organizing team for SQL Bits for making this all happen! Such a large event in difficult times like these…

I had the pleasure to run a full day precon as well as two regular sessions at SQL Bits. In this post I want to share the materials of these sessions.

Analytics at scale with Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics

The very first thing in London, was presenting with my former colleague and great friend Dave Ruijter. We hosted a full day precon on Analytics at scale. We started the day with several challenges from both a data platform perspective as well as the Power BI perspective. During the day we had great interaction with our attendees, wherefore we want to thank them once again! It was great to have such a nice interactive group, both on site and online asking questions and willing to learn more!

As part of our setup for this day, we covered the challenges and how they can be solved by combining the best of both worlds, with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. Dave, as expert on data platform covered the aspects of notebooks and a layered setup in a data platform. On top of that, I covered how to work with Power BI connected to a data platform, how to create a scalable solution and deal with multi-billion row datasets in Power BI.

Finalizing this precon, we want to share the materials we used during the day. In this Github folder you will find all content, containing various notebooks as well as the slides presented.

Application Lifecycle Management for Power BI

My second session at SQL Bits, and first regular session, was talking about Application Lifecycle Management for Power BI. I was privileged to have a full room for this session and people sharing very positive feedback afterwards! Appreciate that a lot!

During this talk, I showed how to deal with small scale deployment scenarios in teams, but also how to professionalize your deployment strategy with Power BI Deployment pipelines. Also, I showed how you can level-up your deployment by orchestrating your end-to-end deployment with Azure DevOps by leveraging the integrations from the Azure DevOps Marketplace.

As part of this presentation, various links are shared. All blogs related to this content can be found at Additionally, the Macaw DevOps extension for binary file upload (pbix) can be found in the Marketplace as well as the Microsoft extension for automation of native Power BI deployment pipelines.

Slides for this session can be found in this GitHub folder.

Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI

Last but not least, on Saturday morning at 8am I presented about data modeling in Power BI. A session which I have done many times before, and even recorded as part of a webinar series with friend and program manager at the Power BI team, Jeroen ter Heerdt. It was an early start for sure, but it was good to see so many folks from the community showing up at this early slot! Last day of SQL Bits and still early risers! I have to admit, I struggled a bit with the early time slot, as it was a long week already. Tired but above all fun!

For this session, I also uploaded all decks, as well as Power BI demo files to this GitHub folder. In case you want to run through all the recorded webinars on the same topic, below a list of links to all three episodes! (Spoiler… episode 4 is in the making!)

Some final words

Finally, I want to share once again my appreciation for everyone being part of this event! Speakers, helpers, the organization as a whole! It was so great to be speaking at a on site event again and cannot wait for the next one!

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