Webinar Data Modeling 101: Increasing the impact of Power BI

A decent data model is the key to success in Power BI. As this an underexposed topic in the end-to-end story of Power BI, Jeroen ter Heerdt (Program Manager on the Power BI team) and I believed it is time to change this!

Wednesday, 17th of March, the first episode in a series of webinars will be broadcasted. During this first episode we will start with the basics of a data model in Power BI. We will start building a data model from ground up, share best practices and how to handle complex situations with relationships, such as role-playing dimensions.

You might have seen the announcement elsewhere. Make sure you register for this free webinar, so you can start increasing the impact of Power BI and be successful! You can register at the Microsoft website using this link.

See you Wednesday!

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