Data:Scotland – Make AI available for everyone!

Last week, on Friday Septembre 13th, I presented at Data:Scotland. As the name already suggests, in Scotland, Glasgow to be precise. An awesome community event with loads of intresting people and reality well organized. Definitely one to put on your list to visit once!


At this event, I presented my all new session about “AI capabilities for Power BI to make AI available for everyone!” for the first time. A session full of AI stuff already available in Power BI Pro today, but also more advanced features in Power BI Premium which can really enrich your insights!

Loads of people came to my session, even more than I could wish for! Much much appreciated! So a big thank you for everyone who attended! I was really happy with how my session turned out and all the great response I received. Even took some valuable feedback to further improve my session.

The session was not recorded. However, I’m happy to share the slides below.

Once again, a bit shout out to Leila Etaati and Justyna Lucznik for helping me with the content and inspiration for this session!

Next up: Power Platform World Tour in Vienna on October 29th. There I will present my session on AI in Power BI again, as well as Multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps.

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