The new Power BI Home experience

In a growing popularity of Power BI, the content within Power BI is growing exponentially as well. With that, it is harder to find your favorite content within the Power BI service. Therefor the Power BI team introduced the option to mark items as a favorite with which you can create a sub-selection of your most used content. But still, it was hard to get your most important reports, dashboards and insights in one page.

New landing page
September 24, Microsoft announced the public preview of the new Power BI Home landing page. This page will be the new page where all users will end-up after logging in to Power BI.

Microsoft positioned the new Power BI home as a one-stop shop for all your Power BI content. The new Home will automatically collect your most used content to show on your landing page. Besides that, you will have a new search capability, which is called global search, allows you to search for all your available content. So the days of manually searching and clicking through all your workspaces and apps are in the past.

PowerBI Home

The all-new home experience brings your most important content to one single page. Power BI Home consists of many features which will be described below one by one.

Key Metrics is the first and upper part of the new Power BI Home. This part exists of single dashboard tiles. In total there can be 12 items in this part coming from your most used dashboards. Currently, there is a maximum of your two most used dashboards. Power BI will automatically pick the ones which are most used. In case you are not seeing any tiles on your home screen, make sure that your most used dashboards are marked as favorite as well.
Note: This section will only work with dashboards. Reports or apps which are marked as favorite will not appear in the Key Metrics section. 

All your Favorites + Frequents are shown below the key metrics. This section includes all content which can be marked as favorite, so that can be reports, dashboards and apps. Beside your favorites, your frequent visited content will be shown here as well.

Recently visited content is shown as a third building block of the new home experience next to the My Apps content. Recent content can exist of the same content as your favorites. So reports, dashboards and apps can be shown here. My apps consist of all your apps which are created by you or shared with you. All other content which is shared with you, so this can be reports and dashboards, are in a separate category called Shared with me.

Are you a beginner in Power BI? Now you can take your first steps in Power BI by watching the learning videos which are at the bottom of the new Home experience. These videos will show you some basic how-to information about Power BI.

Conclusion and findings
After experiencing the new Home landing page a few days, I think it is a great addition to Power BI. Especially the key metrics gives you a personalized view on your most relevant metrics. Now you are having your most important KPI’s directly visible every single time you are login into the Power BI service.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind for the key metrics. Unfortunately, not all types of visuals are supported at this moment. The basic visualizations like cards, bar- and line charts are all working fine. But maps and custom visuals will not show up in the key metrics.

The global search is a great addition as well. For me as a lazy user, I prefer to have a search option. Simply because I do not want to search myself. Still, I think the product team can improve the global search. In case somebody shared a Power BI app with me, but I have not added that app to my apps yet, global search will not find this app. In my opinion, it would be great if global search also searches in all available apps in your organization in app source.

Although all other features of the Home experience are not really new. All other items were are all there in the hamburger menu on the left side in the Power BI service. But still, the one-page overview in the new Home experience is more clear then manually clicking every item in the hamburger menu. For example, shared apps are not in the shared with me page.

All by all, a great step forward in the usability of Power BI. Still, there are some improvements to make. But it is in preview, so who knows what will come.

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