As a Data & Analytics enthusiast, I like to share my enthusiasm with others in the community. I regularly do this in public speaking at conferences, usergroups and on request also at other occasions. I do have a number of presentations which I can deliver off the shelf. These presentations are created in the past and can be redelivered at your event!

Next to existing content, I’m always working on new presentations. Is your topic of interest not on the list? Feel free to ask me! Get in contact with me using the contact form.

Below my current sessions.

Storytelling & interactive reports with Power BI Bookmarks & Drillthrough

How to make sure that the end-user of your Power BI report understands the information well? There is way more involved in presenting your data then only a chart. Think about interaction, presenting the right information at the right time and much more!

StorytellingBy using Story telling it is possible to tell the story behind the data. Where does the information need come from and how did we get to an answer? The complete story line covered in your reports and dashboards to make sure the data is interpreted in the right way by the users.

During this session I well tell more about the principles of story telling. Beside of that this session will be covered with lots of Power BI demos. During these demos I will give examples of functionality within Power BI which can be used to create your own story in Power BI. I will not only show the end result, but also how to create a report or dashboard like that to tell your own story!

Power BI Cheat Sheet explained!

CheatSheet December2018 Update

This session explains the Power BI Cheat Sheet that went viral on social media. The sheet is crammed with Power BI tips and best practices based on years of experience, but with little to no comments. No worries! We will describe, demonstrate and discuss all the items! And of course, there will be a Cheat Sheet for everyone attending!

Also take a look at the recording of Power BI Cheat Sheet Explained presented by Dave Ruijter and me at Data Grillen 2019.

Use parameters to add extra flexibility to your Power BI content

Parameter EnvironmentSwitch

You’re probably applying a lot of steps over and over again every time you create your Power BI report. A waste of time! Apply parameters on the back-end in Power Query, but also in the front-end in your report to make your solutions much more flexible.

This session will give you examples on where you can use parameters in Power BI and which advantages this will have for you.


End-to-end monitoring for a successful Power BI implementation

Implementing Power BI in your organisation is more then allowing people to download Power BI desktop and publish reports to the Power BI Service. People have to be aware of what Power BI is able to achieve for them! But how do you know who is creating what? Using what? Or maybe even more important, sharing (confidential) information with others?

With a Power BI end-to-end monitor you will be able to monitor all Power BI content allover your tenant. These actionable insights will help you to see who needs some extra help, but also in governing your data solutions within your organisation.

In this session I will show you which insights you will get with an end-to-end monitor and how you can monitor your own Power BI environment.


AI Capabilities for Power BI to make AI Accessible for Everyone

Microsoft is doing a great job in enabling every user to apply Artificial intelligence in his or her daily business. Now, Microsoft has taken the next step in bringing AI to the business by implementing it in Power BI.

Finding insights from the data can be challenging with the massive volumes of data generated today. This is where AI can help to automatically find patterns, help users understand what the data means, and predict future outcomes.Blog7-7_Q&AReport

In this session I will demonstrate how you can enable every user within your organization to apply AI to their daily business. A session with an introduction to AI and of course full of demos!

Enterprise and multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps

ALM Power BIIn Power BI we are used to create reports and dashboards really quickly, but in most cases we forget to think about governance, development and maintenance at an enterprise wide scale.
During this session I share some best practices about applying DTAP (Development, Production, Acceptance and Production), or better known as multi-tier deployment.

By using Azure DevOps for deployment we bring back the structure and use a self-service tool in an enterprise environment. Beside deployment there is also version control and enterprise roll-out of your content in a managed structure.



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